Day & Bulk Diesel Tanks and Filtration

Legacy Power offers a complete range of site based diesel bulk tanks, supply of management and filtration of options.

Certified Bulk Diesel Storage

We can offer a large range of above ground fuel tanks for the safe and secure storage of diesel with the ability to connect to generators and other diesel-powered equipment.


Our range includes single skin as well as self-bunded fuel tanks from 1000L to 30 000L holding capacity. All fuel tanks include the required venting, dip stick measuring, diesel supply and return points, fuel filling point. 


Optional ancillary equipment can include overfill protection valves, automatic transfers systems, digital level displays, flow meters, low and high level alarms.

Diesel Filtration and Water Seperation

With a need for higher fuel purity, our bulk tank filtration systems help save on costly component replacement, prevent downtime and also prevent a decrease in fuel efficiency due to engine component wear. Our fuel filters help keep your engines and equipment running optimally.


Over time, stored fuel gets contaminated with water from condensation in the air. This leads to bacteria developing, resulting in higher fuel consumption, damage to engine parts and potential engine failure. Our systems will trap the water and automatically or manually drain the water from the fuel supply line.

Benefits of fuel filtration:

  • Reduces the risk of losing power during power outage.
  • Loss of revenue due to generator failure.
  • Improve efficiency and longevity of your generator.