Diesel Powered Generators & Electrical Assemblies


We provide our clients with a wide range of power solutions ranging from 12.5 - 3 000kVA Diesel Powered Generators as well as Electrical Switchboards using world class components from leading brands & suppliers.

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Diesel Powered



3D CAD Design
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Diesel Powered Generators

Legacy Power SA commenced service in Africa during 2004 as part an OFT Group Manufacturing facility and specializes in the design, manufacturing and supply of bespoke OEM and standard diesel powered generators ranging from 12.5 - 2 500kVA  within the property development, retail, food, public, services and business sectors.

Electrical Assemblies

Legacy Power SA produce Electrical Assemblies, including Switchboards for numerous applications for Low Voltage Power distribution as well as various other electrical applications. We also design, manufacture and populate modular Electrical Assemblies and Type-tested Electrical Panels.

Powder Coating

Electrostatic coating is currently one of the most durable coating systems for industrial products of all kinds. We have an in-house Electrostatic Powder Coating facility for our products which include Generators and Switchboards. Our electrostatic coating is extremely durable, making it resistant to scratching, peeling and other types of damage. Electrostatic coatings are available in numerous colors, thicknesses and finishes.

3D CAD Designs & Fabrication

Custom 3D designs using leading design and modelling software. With a full CNC plasma cutting facility we can manufacture components to suit sheet-metal projects. We also produce structural steel parts and components. 

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Our team of Electrical Engineers and Project Managers provide our clients with a wide range of ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) and Generator Synchronization systems working in conjunction with leading European OEM Electrical Switch and Control Gear suppliers, such as ABB, Schneider Electric, ComAp, Deep Sea, Siemens and many others.